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Pyeongchang Day 5 Results

February 14, 2018

Today I spent the notorious February 14th in appropriately themed company and so my access to the full day of events was by far the smallest it had yet been. This was already pretty well timed given today was a slightly smaller day than those before it and some that are to come. But as it turned out, I got extraordinarily lucky, for unfortunate reasons. Wind delays once again reared their ugly head, postponing more Alpine Events, as well as some Biathlon. The result was that only four medal events concluded today and we’re up to a sensation nine in a busy tomorrow I have far more access too.

The feature event of the day was the Men’s Halfpipe final. It didn’t quite live up to the ‘each will land perfect runs and push each other towards 100’ hype but it was quite sensational, ending with an epic clutch effort to steal gold from Shaun White. Australia’s Scotty James deserved his bronze medal, but I was just as happy to see Ayumu Hirano sticking with them both and winning silver. Hirano has been criminally ignored in Channel 7’s childish ‘Scotty vs Shaun showdown’ coverage and for all White’s legendary status and clear quality as a bloke, until he made the very last run of the day, Hirano was in gold medal position and that notion was something I found myself barracking hard for.

The biggest drama for me came right at the end of the night, home and settled and happily able to watch some rare extended Ice Hockey coverage on the TV. The men’s tournament has been transformed by the controversy surrounding the NHL’s refusal to release their players to participate. It leaves the whole tournament as somewhat of a lottery but I don’t think anyone imagined the extent to which that would come to immediate fruition. The group featuring the United States, Olympic Athletes from Russia, Slovakia and Slovenia kicked off the men’s tournament tonight. The under-strength Americans faced minnows Slovenia, so should still have had no issue. The OAR team is many people’s favourites, as the Russian KHL league has paused for these Games and features high level Russian talent, including former NHL all-stars Pavel Datsyuk and Ilya Kovalchuk. Both the OAR and USA teams led 2-0. Both lost 3-2. Slovakia are a Hockey powerhouse to some extent, through ranked only 11th currently. They were always in the game, bringing it back to 2-2 within the first period then eventually going ahead 3-2 in the third. But Slovenia’s efforts were particularly astonishing, overcoming a 2-0 deficit in the final period, including a last minute equaliser, then winning in Overtime.

Simultaneous shocks, especially ones that so thematically correlate in their narrative, are always exhilarating. This is exactly the kind of thing that hyped me for this NHL-free tournament and clearly it’s going to be pretty damn good.

Today’s other major events all went somewhat to plan. Jorien ter Mors was not a clear favourite for the Women’s 1000m Speed Skating but she’s Dutch and that’s solid enough a guarantee for me. The other two gold medallists were very much the best at their discipline, as Eric Frenzel defended his Normal Hill Nordic Combined title, and the Twin Tobies, Tobias Wendl and Tobias Arlt made it consecutive Luge Doubles titles.




  Men’s Halfpipe  
GOLD Shaun White United States
SILVER Ayumu Hirano Japan
BRONZE Scotty James Australia


  Men’s Individual Gundersen Normal Hill/10km  
GOLD Eric Frenzel Germany
SILVER Akito Watabe Japan
BRONZE Lukas Klapfer Austria


  Women’s 1000m  
GOLD Jorien ter Mors The Netherlands
SILVER Nao Kodaira Japan
BRONZE Miho Takagi Japan


GOLD Tobias Wendl/Tobias Arlt Germany
SILVER Peter Penz/Georg Fischler Austria
BRONZE Toni Eggert/Sascha Benecken Germany



1 Germany 7 2 3 12
2 The Netherlands 5 4 2 11
3 United States 4 1 2 7
4 Norway 3 5 3 11
5 Canada 3 4 3 10
6 France 2 1 2 5
7 Austria 2 1 1 4
8 Sweden 2 1 0 3
9 Italy 1 1 1 3
10 Korea Republic 1 0 1 2






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